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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cutcaster Pricing Strategy Help

Cutcaster.com is one of the few stock photo sites that allow the photographer to choose the price that they want their photos to be sold for. This is a great opportunity for contributors, but some might be uncertain about how to pick a price that will get their images sold.

Here are some tips from a Cutcaster contributor on the Cutcaster blog:

"From a Cutcaster contributor in an emai to our support-

How I price my images on high paying sites? At Cutcaster, we can price our own images. So how do I go about picking a price for my images out of mid-air?? I find the best way to price them is based off of the prices at other agencies (non-subscription – ppd).

Once I have gotten an average of the other agencies pay-per-download prices for my images size, I then undercut the price. I cut the price because Cutcaster pays 40% (non-exclusive) or 50% (exclusive) royalty, as opposed to 20%-35% that other agencies payout. So, not only am I giving a lower price to buyers, but I am also taking in a high income in most cases. I can even take a few of my extras and submit them exclusively to Cutcaster for 50%, which is great.

Since Cutcaster does not have a subscription, I do not have to worry about comparing the prices to other sites that do have subscriptions, as obviously, Cutcaster is not targeting subscription buyers.”

Test it out yourself and see how the strategy works. Let us know what other strategies you have been trying out for selling your images and stock photography. What’s your strategy for your portfolio and how you sell?"

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