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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POTD #19

Photo of the Day

"When he was born it looked like he had zombie hands and feet"

This is a shot of my wife and newborn son's hands. Took this maybe a week or two after he was born. We knew we were probably pushing our luck trying to get River to pose for us, and we were mostly right. We didnt go into the shoot with very much expectation other than to get some studio photos of him when he was really young.

Its probably not clear in this smaller version of the photo, but his hands (and feet) were really chapped and peeling because he was almost two weeks overdue. When he was born it looked like he had zombie hands and feet because they were really big, gray and wrinkled, his nails were also long and crazy looking.

Considering I only got peed on twice during this shoot I would say it went pretty well.

The Breakdown: I shot this on a black felt backdrop with two off-camera flashes (a Sunpak 383 and an Olympus FL-50) on light stands with umbrellas. For more info on off camera lighting check out strobist.blogspot.com it will change the way you look at lighting.

I ran a sync cable from my camera to the FL-50 and used two Adorama slave adapters one to the FL-50 because it doesnt have a port to plug the sync cable into and the Adorama adapter lets me do that, the other on the Sunpak 383 so it would act as a slave and fire when the FL-50 did.

I converted the image to black & white in Photoshop.

Canon EOS 5d
0.006 sec (1/160)
Focal Length:
95 mm
ISO Speed:
Exposure Bias:
0 EV

Here are links to some of the equipment I used to get this shot. If the equipment I used is no longer available I have listed either the newer version or a similar substitute. I no longer use some of the items on this list.

Photoshop CS4

Canon EOS 5d

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens

Olympus FL-50R
- Replacement for the FL-50

Vivitar DF283 - A good alternative to the discontinued Sunpak 383

Adorama Electronic Slave Unit - Attach one of these to your flash and it will fire when it detects another flash

Smith Victor RS8, 8' Raven Lightstand - Very sturdy and just the right height

Photoflex Shoe Mount Multiclamp with Umbrella Holder - Use one of these to attach your flash to a lightstand and you can also use an umbrella with it

Adorama 40" White Interior Umbrella with Removeable Black Cover - This is really a great deal. You can use this to shoot through or to bounce. The bigger the better.

My Photography Workflow:

I shoot in raw,
organize and review shots in Adobe Bridge,
process raw files in Adobe Camera Raw
and export as .jpeg if im done,

if I need to do more work in Photoshop I export as .tiff,
make final touches in Photoshop,
I add titles, descriptions and keywords in Bridge when im done editing.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

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