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Friday, April 17, 2009

POTD #14

Photo of the Day

"Who would have thought I could get an image that looked like it was taken right before sunset in the middle of the day?"

Took this shot last summer at one of our many trips to beautiful Lake Crescent.

The Breakdown: It was late afternoon and I was taking shots of people passing by in their boats not really getting anything I was too happy with, but I had just got my new camera (Canon 5d) and was just playing around having fun.

This photo really came to life in post-production. I was editing all the photos from that day in Photoshop (Raw) and I got to this photo. I was nothing special, it was back-lit (the sun was directly in front of me so the image was really contrasty) not really the look I was going for so I started playing around with it to see if it was salvageable.

Rather than try to "fix" it I thought I would just go with it. I boosted the blacks and the contrast and converted it to black & white. I liked the B&W version, but I wanted to take it a little further so I added some tone and adjusted it until I got it where I wanted it.

Who would have thought I could get an image that looks like it was taken right before sunset in the middle of the day? This is a technique im really looking forward to playing around with some more. I think this look could be achieved just about any time of day with your subjected lit from the back and exposeing for the background not the subject.

Canon EOS 5D
0.005 sec (1/200)
Focal Length:
93 mm
ISO Speed:
Exposure Bias:
-1 EV

All my photos are shot in raw and edited in Photoshop.

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  1. Wow, could have fooled me. Great post work dude, this is a nice image. Lots of copyspace too, which makes it more usable to a designer.


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