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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live Long and Tweet!

Twitter has become my #1 tool for promoting my photography and following other artists that I am interested in.

Is Twitter just another Myspace, Facebook, etc. place to waste time? Twitter like Myspace and Facebook is whatever you make it to be. You can use it to let your friends know your brushing your teeth now, or you can use it as a professional resource for advertsing yourself.

I think what makes Twitter so great is its simplicity, the learning curve is about five minutes. There are no silly apps that let you send your friends "gifts" or constant polls and contests to enter. Another great thing about Twitter is you choose who's updates you want to follow. If one of your followers is annoying you with random updates about whats on TV you can chose to stop following them.

How do I use Twitter to promote myself? Simple. Maybe you just wrote an interesting blog post, hop on Twitter and let your followers know about it and if your lucky and they like it you might get a RT (Re-Tweet) and they will share it with their followrs and the next thing you know you have fifty new followers all waiting to see what you are going to Tweet next.

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, Twitter is a very simple tool for sending and receiving status updates (140 characters or less) via web, email, or text message.

There are also quite a few add-ons that make Twitter even better. Firefox users can install Twitterfox adds a status bar to your screen so you can keep updated on "tweets" while your doing other things on the web. Power Twitter adds helpful tools and options.

Live long and Tweet!

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